Glimmermen quickly earned a reputation for their intense live shows, the band (Gav Cowley - guitar, vocals, J. Bassetti - bass, Phil Murray - drums, Dave Prendergast - trumpet, Orlaith Gilcreest -Saxaphone, vocals) released their debut EP “Satellite People” in 2012 with comparisons to Television, Pop Group and Mission of Burma. They followed up with their J.Robbins - recorded debut ‘I’m Dead’ in 2013.

Glimmermen returned with their second album, ‘Breakin’ Out’, on June 17th. ‘ Recorded in ‘The Meadow’ in Wicklow by The Deaf Brothers at the beginning of 2016, this record is sure to enhance your summer. These nine new songs see Glimmermen expand on their core guitar, bass, and drums line-up, with brass arrangements that embellish the stripped-back sound of their critically acclaimed debut. The result is a more accessible album, while still retaining the distinctive cutting edge of their live shows.

Glimmermen have arrived in 2019 with their 3rd offering under their belt entitled 'Here I Stand'. Recorded again in the Meadow with the Deaf Brothers. This album was only released on vinyl with no digital version available to stream other than the lead single 'It's Nice'. It has been very well received so far with comparisons to Weezer, Richard Hawley and more besides and plays of the lead single on BBC radio, 2fm and play-listed on Radio 1 as well as further afield. Check it out now!

Press for Here I Stand

'IT'S NICE tune of the week' - RTÉ culture

'12 new songs you should hear' features It's Nice - Nialler9

'Like a cross between Lady’s Bridge era Richard Hawley and the slacker pop of Weezer' - God is in the TV (UK)

'It's Nice features as Music Video of the week' - Music Talks (Australia)

'It all comes down to the music and between the song' s tickling layers there is an underlining resolve to soldier forward in spite of it all and a reminder of art's importance' - Besides Badlands (UK)

Press for Breakin' Out

"Amid the cracked grooves and blasts of brass, songs such as the excellent, evocative Ragged City paint a more reflective, downbeat picture... a concise collection, but there is plenty of eating and drinking in it" **** - Irish Times

"A refreshingly optimistic album bursting with real heart and instant, carefully-considered songwriting" - The Thin Air

"Taut percussive shouty pop from the Dublin quartet, who spice a springy ambience and apocalyptic caveat with added brass stabs, that sees them homing in on the threes chords that would change the world. I'd say their gigs are a buzz" - Hot Press

Press for I'm Dead

"The forces of light and darkness collide in fractured bass-and-guitar interplay and raw-throated bellows" - Spin

"Glimmermen shine brightly. Look no further than 'Last Song', two and a half minutes of near-perfect power pop, or bittersweet lead single, 'This Town', as addictive as chocolate heroin" - Hot Press

"A raw but engaging record full of accomplished and powerful songs" - Irish Daily Star

"Sparse..witty rock...Glimmermen deliver a clever back to basics record" - Sunday Business Post

"The title track sideblinds you with its Ruts-style ska...if you’re ever aching for a hit of Wire or The Members (and why ever not?), then you’ll get it here" - Irish Times

Press for Satellite People

“With refreshingly intelligent guitar work evoking both Television and Maps and Atlases, the four tracks on Satellite People are perhaps best surmised in the title track, a tidy hybrid of Mission of Burma circa Signals, Calls and Marches EP, Pop Group and early Captain Beefheart. An impressive snapshot of greater things to come” - AU Magazine

“Gold that glimmers” - Irish Daily Star

“Glimmermen are a different sort of band. In a sea of Spector-like indie landfill fodder they wear their honesty & integrity on their black sleeves with a sound that goes straight to the heart. Glimmermen know exactly the sound they want to make & that’s something we want to hear” - Le Cool Magazine

“Satellite People, the trio’s debut EP, turns out to be one of the best releases to invade my eardrums since the dawning of instrumental brilliance. Exceptional EP” - Gmanworld